Understanding How LiDAR Technology Works

LiDAR stands for, light detection and ranging, with lasers being the form of light that is used. LiDAR technology uses these lasers to measure out any structure, whether it be naturally forming, or man-made. There are a few key points that make up this process, let’s take a look.

The first thing to note is that LiDAR can be utilized using airplanes. The airplanes use the laser to scan the area as it flies over it.

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This makes it a very efficient way to gather data.

GPS receivers are the next part of this process and they are important in tracking where the airplane is. The GPS also helps to figure out where the LiDAR system is analyzing on the ground.

The video explains, that an inertial measurement unit or IMU is used to track the specific way the plane is facing or tilted. LiDAR needs this information to accurately measure different elevations from the ground below.

The final part of a LiDAR system is the involvement of a computer. Just like anything, the LiDAR system uses a computer to keep track of its findings.

LiDAR is an extremely interesting technology and it helps to shape a lot of the work that we do today.


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