What Exactly is Dark Fiber?

In today’s business climate, network security is paramount for any company that deals with high amounts of sensitive data being transferred from one place to another. Vocus Communications offers a simple, yet smart solution to possible leaks in network communications, dark fiber.

This technology is a “secure, optical fiber connection” between two very specific points. Dark fiber isolates important information from other networks to be sent from one site to another without being exposed to any cyber-attacks.

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The data being sent will only be seen by anyone of your choice.

A key feature of this technology is that you can use your current equipment to have it fully installed. It can also be managed without any need for other hardware. It is a cheap, effective, and secure solution to your data transfer problems.

It also includes faster speeds, cost-effective operations for any point-to-point connection, and zero downtime.

In a world constantly upgrading and changing its technological capacity, your business will need the best and most secure solutions available to manage your sensitive data. Dark fiber can provide them.

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