What Exactly Is Nanotechnology? Here Are the Basics

Mercury porosimetry testing

Simply put, nanotechnology is the study of very small things. Things that are studied at the nanoscale, such as the particle size analysis principle, means that they are between 1 to 100 nanometers. To put this size into perspective, one nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

Using nanotechnology in medicine has the ability to change how we see the medical world. Studying medicines, bacteria, and illnesses at such a small scale can be especially helpful in the development of new drugs along with actually figuring out how illnesses work deep within the body.

One aspect of this study in use today is how medicine is delivered to patients. New techniques are being used that deliver drugs, heat, and light into human cells. The idea behind this is that only the cells that are affected with the illness, such as cancer, will be touched with the treatment, which means that healthy cells won’t be touched. This is especially beneficial for those with cancer, as chemotherapy can sometimes harm healthier cells, which can be much more problematic in the long run.

In fact, as of right now, there are different researchers all over the world developing a way to deliver chemotherapy only to the affected cells. While the final approval for the drugs is in the works, this can be quite helpful as a higher concentration of the drug will be delivered instead of having to treat a large area with the same amount of drug.

There are also talks about developing nanoparticle tracking analysis that will deliver drugs and treatment the minute they are subjected to force, such as blood cells rushing against a clot. However, there are some problems with particle size determination, and exactly how much force has to be used to get the correct amount of drug out.

Nanotechnology has so many uses, from those who have diabetes, to those who suffer from terminal cancer. The opportunities are really endless, and this exciting technology is only just the beginning of being able to help numerous people. Who can imagine what will happen in the next few years as the developments continue to grow.

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