Why Audio And Video Presentations Help People Retain Information More Effectively

Audio video consultants

Video and audio is how we understand the world around us. We use it to glean a large amount of information in a short amount of time, communicate complex ideas to varied crowds and advertise services to passerbys. Without it the world would be much more narrow and difficult to navigate, which makes modern technology all the more useful for its accessibility. If your classroom or business has found the need for superior presentations for customers, students and employees, you may just be think about hiring audio video consultants. These professionals can ensure you install the right equipment and create the ideal set-ups to promote the maximum learning potential in your given space.

The Audio And Video Industry

Audio video companies provide countless products and services to classrooms, businesses and enterprises across the country. The United States is still a profitable market for both audio and sound equipment, with the market value of consumer electronics in particular exceeding an impressive $120 billion for the very first time just the year prior. The year 2013 also saw the amount of headphones and headsets sold around the world increasing from $236 million to $334 million. Overall, there’s no limit to how you can create the ideal set-up for your space in order to promote learning, appreciation and retention.

Learning About Natural Human Psychology

The purpose of a visual presentation is to provide just enough information to the viewer to be retained in the long-term. Since the majority of the population are composed of visual learners, programs such as PowerPoint have proven highly useful for business and educational settings. Studies provided by educational researchers and psychologists have suggested at least 83% of human learning occurs visually, with the remaining 17% provided through the rest of the five senses. That’s 11% through hearing, 3.5% through smell, 1% through taste and 1.5% through touch, though this can vary depending on an individual’s unique traits.

Creating An Effective Visual Presentation

In order to help your audience retain information it’s important you make the most out of your audio video services. Audio video consultants can assist you in matters large and small relating to technology and set-ups to ensure you avoid common pitfalls. Large groups require aids that are easy to see no matter where someone is in the room, with both slides and transparencies providing a good combination. The ideal group size for these methods would be anywhere from five to 100 people. Sometimes an assistant is needed to change the frame size throughout the presentation.

The Benefits Of Audio Video Consultants

Audio video consultants can assess the size of your rooms, the goal of your establishment and help you further your cause through the aid of technology. Studies have suggested that, a mere three days after an event, people will retain only around 10% of what they heard from an oral presentation. However, they retained a not insignificant 35% from a visual presentation and nearly 70% from a visual and oral presentation. It’s through the combination of audio and video means are you able to find a happy balance between an informed audience and an establishment getting its message across. Consider hiring audio video consultants to help you with repair, projects and consultation.

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