Why Businesses Should Focus On Hospitality

Every single year, hotel owners try to get the most out of their hotel and all of the hotel trends. However, these hotel owners often overlook some of the most important aspects of hotel management solutions. For instance, one of the most important parts of running a successful.

Travelers conduct approximately 17 research sessions before booking. This means that they may be open to seeing reviews for a hotel that disparage the hospitality. Keep in mind that besides price and location, BandB travelers look to the following when deciding where to stay: Consumer reviews at nearly 50%, Photos at nearly 47%, Friends’ recommendations at nearly 46%, Flexible cancellations policy at nearly 43%, Ability to book online at nearly 43%.

More than half of Millennials and Gen Xers say cost is a barrier to leisure travel, but only 45% of Boomers agree. Just about 26% of Boomers were planning to take domestic multi-generational trips, with three or more generations traveling together, in 2016. Here are all of the facts on how hotels can utilize hospitality to their advantage.

Hospitality Can Make Or Break a Customers Relationship With A Business

Hotel owners truly overlook just how important hospitality is in terms of overall business success. Any business can lose customers through bad customer service experience. As a matter of fact, just one bad customer service experience can potentially turn a customer off to a specific business or hotel!

According to Harris Interactive/RightNow, 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company in 2011 because of a bad customer experience. This is a gamble that hotels cannot take especially when dealing with all of the competition out there. As a matter of fact, there is a hotel property management system software that can also help business owners that want to properly manage a hotel!

Building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit between 25% and 100% per customer. So hotel owners will even enjoy more profits by simply focusing in on some high-quality hospitality and customer service activity. According to CEB research, 96% of customers forced to expend high effort with a company over a problem are likely to be disloyal. Any hotel trying to protect their business and keep customers loyal needs to focus in on treating people well!

People Will Return To Hotels Due To Hospitaltiy

Technology in hotel rooms is nice and unique features can help distinguish one hotel from another. However, all of the best interior features in the world can not overcome a hotel with poor customer service experiences. Therefore, any and all hotels that are trying to truly capitalize on the business need to make sure all workers are locked in on hospitality. This is what will truly help customers come back to your hotel on their next vacation.

People love to go on vacations and this has been a consistent truth for quite some time now. Therefore, it is easy to understand that three out of four travelers, just about 75%, are planning one or more weekend getaways this winter. These are the customers that hotels need to impress. That way, they will return to the hotel the next time that they come back into town!

Nearly three out of four travelers plan to return to a destination they have visited previously, this is just about 74% of all travelers. When a traveler returns to a previously visited destination then they are going to want to stay at the same hotel as before. However, a bad customer service experience may force them to look elsewhere. Therefore, hotels should utilize all available technology to their advantage.

Closing Facts On Hospitality

Any hotel owners trying to get a leg up on their competition needs to focus in on hospitality. This is such an easy way to impress and lure customers into doing business with your hotel in the future. Therefore, hotels can easily put themselves above the competition by just investing in some customer service training courses!

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