YouTube joins others to provide streaming music through subscription

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Online technology magazines deliver current news stories to mass readers. Because the majority of magazine readers are found online these days, it only makes sense the those who look to technology magazines for tech news, information and sometimes gossip, get it through an online technology magazine.
Many technology magazines have been covering the latest music related business news, which indicates that the music industry will continue to evolve, this time instead of through illegal downloading lawsuits, but rather, but way of streaming audio and video files.
Remember the Napster lawsuits of the early 2000s? Everyone in the music business news industry surmised that lengthy legal battles would be the only way record producers and artists would continue to see proceeds from record sales. The industry though that if enough people were scared off by the threat of lawsuits and legal ramifications, that illegal downloading and sharing of music files would just go away.
But as time is our greatest indicator, technology magazine online say that music will always be changing, always in unpredicted ways.
As streaming music sites such as Pandora and Spotify and Rdio gain popularity by offering subscribers station creation of their favorite artists, users can share their playlists and picks on social media sites and listen just about anywhere. It may be no surprise the subscription model is lifting itself to new heights. The business news end of this trend is that as Big Four record label syndicate Sony BMG, Vivendi Universal, Warner Music, and EMI release their third quarter earnings statements, for the first time ever, online music streaming services accounted for one quarter of their recorded music revenue.
Online technology magazines are reporting that YouTube, most famous for viral video clips, will be the latest online site to try its hand at offering listeners streaming music. YouTube, the world’s largest digital repository of streaming media, is certainly no stranger to streaming. It Online technology magazines are saying a subscription music service could be launched later this year.
The music industry will continue to evolve. It would be wise for record labels and artists to learn to appreciate the evolution, go with the evolution and find ways to harness the power that the evolution possesses. And of course, artists will be able to subscribe to streaming music sites to hear themselves and similar artists!

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