3 Business Efficiency Tips

Corporate meetings are important to discuss ideas, collaborate and problem solve, but when meetings are as efficient as one would like it only makes sense that some of these issues will not get done. A little more than 70% of senior managers admit that meetings in their organization or not efficient nor productive according to a study by Seven Rogelberg. When you consider that 37% of employee time is spent in meetings this can be quite alarming and consider wasted time, especially considering that 70% of those who attend meetings admit that they multitask during these meetings. Finding ways to make meetings more efficient and less time consuming is beneficial for businesses and their employees. Consider some of these tips to help businesses be more productive and minimize lost time for productivity.


Anytime access is vital for productivity. Giving employees the ability to be productive even on the go allows time for projects to be completed while keeping employees in the loop. Necessary information is able to reach the people it needs to in a timely fashion. This also incorporates employees who work outside the office and keeps them updated and informed.


Allowing employees the chance to collaborate increases effectiveness and teamwork throughout the company. Things like shared calendars and videoconferencing allows all team members to work together easily. This reduces interruptions and provides a smooth collaboration interface between those within the company and those working outside the company. User provisioning software, such as a cisco provisioning manager, cisco spark bot or cisco chatbot are great implementations to help workers collaborate and work together easily.


Tools to help small businesses accomplish their goals include network routers and switches. Businesses need a reliable network they can count on if all employees are going to get the job done. Video and voice conferencing, such as cisco spark bot or other systems are important to combine necessary components needed for productivity. Lastly security is of utmost importance in order to keep all networking tools and their users protected.

Choosing services to maximize productivity shows your employees that you care about their time. It shows them that you want them to be as productive as possible, which encourages their output. Utilize necessary tools and implement these tips to bring employees, both commuting and telecommuting ones, together when needed.

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