5 Ways to Use Bulk USB Cables

Hdmi to dvi cable

Let’s face it: You can never have too many USB cables around. For one, there’s a different kind of cable for practically every day of the week: USB 2.0 cables, USB 3.0 superspeed extension cables, mini USB cables, micro USB cables… the list goes on.

But more than that, there are so many different uses for all of your bulk USB cables. Most modern members of society probably use at least one in their daily routines, if not more. In fact, here are five ways to use bulk USB cables on even the most ordinary of days:

  1. Charge your phone. Whether you’re an Android or an iPhone user, chances are you have a USB port on at least one end of your charger, if not both. You can actually speed up charges by switching to a 12-watt USB charger instead of the standard ones that ship with most iPhones.
  2. Upload pictures. Remember the days when we used actual cameras instead of our phones? No matter your preferred photo-snapper these days, you can quickly and easily transfer pics to your computer for safekeeping with a USB cable.
  3. Print a paper. Get that report or essay in on time. Skip the messy remote connections and just plug ’em in.
  4. Transfer files. You don’t even need an Internet connection to do some computer-to-computer swap action, so long as you have a male-male USB cable. Keep those prying government eyes off your secret family recipe!
  5. Call for backup. If there’s one lesson learned by computer users everywhere, it’s always back up your files. (And then back up the backups.) Use a USB thumb drive to store an insane amount of data, or, if you still need more space, an external hard drive.

Keep around a nice supply of bulk USB cables not only for your own needs, but to help out those around you. How often has a coworker asked to borrow someone else’s charger? How many times has the WiFi cut out right when you need to deliver a report? Never underestimate the power of the USB and always have a few spares on hand.

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