6 Important Tips for Choosing a Control Panel Enclosure

Choosing a control panel enclosure can confuse you, especially if you don’t know precisely what you want. This video will show you six essential tips before buying electronic enclosures.

Control panel enclosures house electronic components such as switches, buttons, and indicator lights.

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There are some general guidelines for choosing a control panel enclosure. However, the specifics depend on your needs. When selecting a control panel enclosure, you must consider the installation environment. Ensure ventilation holes are at the bottom and sides of the cabinet. These vents help remove excess moisture, prevent debris, and provide fresh air circulation.

Additionally, when buying a control panel enclosure, choose a model that will fit your budget and allow you to maximize space. Too big a container might limit your equipment choices and increase maintenance costs. Too small enclosures will force you to sacrifice some of those luxuries including accessibility. Also, consider the components stored inside the chamber. Most of them are electronics, and electronics produce heat. In that case, you’ll need a cabinet that can dissipate that heat. In addition, check if you can navigate around and inside the enclosure. Most of the time, you’ll be required to access the box using your hands. Creating enough space inside the enclosure is necessary to allow the maintenance crew access with their hands.

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