A Beginners Guide to Cables and Ports

This video teaches about different cables and ports connecting various devices. You’ll also learn how to identify the correct cable size for each device. Cables come in various shapes and sizes that are standard across devices, though some exceptions exist.

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They comprise an electrical wire, plastic, or fiber optics. The connectors let you connect televisions, printers, keyboards, and monitors to your computer.

There are many types of connectors, and USB connectors are popular. They are small rectangular plugs that fit into a port on your computer or peripheral device, such as a printer. These cables are useful for charging phones and other devices with USB ports. A device with a USB port doesn’t need a power source like an outlet or battery to work properly. Instead, it will draw power from the computer or device.

There are two main types of USB: USB Type-A and USB Type-B. USB Type-A is the rectangular end of the cable that plugs into your computer or charger. You can also find USB Type-A connectors on printers, cameras, and other electronics. USB Type-B has square ends and is standard on printers, tablets, external hard drives, keyboards, mice, and speakers.

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