An Interview with Christina L. Veschi, VP of Business Operations at Edge Access, Inc.

We were lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with Ms. Christina L. Veschi, Vice President of Business Operations at Edge Access, Inc., a Florida-based technology firm focused on the development and manufacturing of telecommunications solutions for Homeland Security, Local Law Enforcement and more. Ms. Veschi gave us an inside look at what goes into creating and maintaining a business of this nature.

Making the decision to start a telecommunications company, especially one that specializes in serving local and federal law enforcement, is certainly a unique choice in American business. What is it that drove you to create Edge Access, Inc.?

Christina L. Veschi: I wanted to be the final authority when it came to business decisions. In my previous life, people with no real-world experience in my area of expertise were the final decision makers, and quite often made the wrong decision. I further wanted to work with only the people and organizations that I choose to work with, as opposed to having those relationship dictated to me as well. At the end of the day, the bottom line is I wanted to be in a position to focus on the service that we provide as opposed to the bottom line. My philosophy has always been if you take care of your customers, your bottom line will take care of itself.

Being able to look beyond your bottom line and focus on your service is a noble and, admittedly, rare approach to take in an age of booming internet business and extreme competition. I’m sure that has come with its fair share of frustration and disappointment, but what are the rewards that come with that approach?

CLV: The greatest reward of all is the ability to give the customers exactly what we promise; and being in the position to make that call without permission from someone else that would most certainly take a shortcut to save a few pennies.

Your focus on the means as well as the ends is extremely refreshing; it’s something your customers must take notice of. Is there any one “best day” on the job that your approach has made possible? Something that makes all of the challenges, the ups and downs, worthwhile?

CLV: The life of a business owner is akin to Bill Murray’s in the movie Groundhog Day; my best day as a business owner comes each and every time we successfully complete a project, and each and every time we deliver something to a customer, we do it better, the project goes smoother, and the feeling of satisfaction is even greater than the last one!! The satisfaction that comes along with giving the customer a tool that will reduce their workload and make their employees more efficient and at the same time allow them to do more with less can only be described as AWESOME! There is no feeling in the world like the feeling you get when you accomplish a goal that you set for yourself.

Christina L. Veschi is Vice President of Business Operations at Edge Access, Inc., a Florida-based telecommunications company. Those interested in learning more about Edge Access, Inc., should visit, or contact the company by phone at 813.486.4520. Floridian locals interested in what Edge Access has to offer can visit the company’s office at 11609 Prosperous Dr, Odessa, FL 33556.

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