Check Out These Awesome Minecraft Fireplace Designs!

Fireplaces are some of the most cozy things you can add to a room. With wood-burning fireplaces being the universal favorite when it comes to homey atmosphere, gas fireplaces also provide a convenient escape for splitting wood in the backyard. Clearly, fireplaces can be the whole focal point of a family room, and even the virtual world is making them. In Minecraft, there are millions of players online every single day, building the home of their dreams. It’s no surprise that many different fireplace designs have sprouted in the Minecraft community.

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In this video, we will take a look at some gorgeous Minecraft fireplaces that you don’t have to call the fireplace company to build!

Minecraft fireplaces not only help players cook, they also add a design element that isn’t dangerous to an in-game home. One of the most beautiful fireplaces is the center style, built with a simple campfire, netherbricks, and white glass panels. To emulate a chimney, this player built a long tower of netherbricks from the top of the fireplace. You can also build a fireplace with 4 campfires, black glass panels, and a cobblestone frame. Each fireplace has its own style, so pick the one that matches your Minecraft home.


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