Dedicated Servers Explained

You may have heard about dedicated servers before, especially in the gaming and website world. Perhaps you even use one, but you don’t understand how or why. In this video, you will learn exactly what a dedicated server is, why it’s important, and how it differs from other types of servers or computers.

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With this knowledge, you will better understand how your games and websites work and can even try your hand at building your own dedicated server in order to self-host.

A server is what hosts a service, and a dedicated server hosts just one particular service. The service could be one product or one region. For example, it hosts one specific world of a game or hosts all of North America for a specific game. Everything that hosting requires, including bandwidth and connections, all run through that server. Since it’s a dedicated server, it isn’t shared with any other service and so all of its resources can be used at their max potential to ensure the particular service stays up and running.


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