How First Responders Overcome Communication Challenges

First responders are the first ones that arrive at a scene. They are the first line of defense from whatever the issue is. They rely heavily on communication as that is what allows them to do their job effectively. Without communication, they could get hurt, as well as the people they are trying to protect. Even with the best communication technology, first responders can still run into certain challenges.

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In this video, you will learn about first responder communications and their challenges so you can better understand what they need.

First responders mainly use radios. While these are great tools, they can run into issues in certain environments, including basements and elevator shafts, among others. These types of locations interfere with the signal. They also need to be within range of a radio tower. First responders have systems in place for what to do in these situations. There are also other pieces of technology that can help, such as boosters.


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