Essential Considerations to Make When Buying Fire Sprinkler Design Software Systems

Like most other software options, fire suppression software system design programs come in varying designs and from different vendors. There are many brands of software in the market. Some of it is freeware, but some of it comes at a price because of some added special design features. With such a wide variety, it’s often challenging to know which kind of sprinkler system design software is ideal for designing your sprinkler system layout examples.

This post tries to demystify this challenge by highlighting some of the critical considerations that you should make when looking for an appropriate sprinkler system design software for designing your sprinkler system layout examples.

Here is what fire sprinkler design companies should look at:

System Compatibility

If the fire suppression system design software that you’re about to buy doesn’t integrate well with your present hardware and other software or system setup, then it’s not worth your while. System compatibility and integration are essential in the functioning of all related hardware and software.

User Friendliness

An appropriate sprinkler system design software for designing your sprinkler system layout examples should have user-friendly interfaces. These interfaces should be easy to use and navigable. Working with complicated software may prolong and complicate your fire sprinkler design process.


Does the software work without causing disruptions to your present workflow? Fire sprinkler system software helps in automating and freeing up the workforce in the sprinkler system design process. Your freed workforce can focus on more creative design works with less drudgery.

But if your new automated process needs lots of time and effort to set up the necessary features, then you should consider a system that doesn’t need lots of time, energy, and investment to work. It’s sometimes advisable to go for design software on pilot programs. Such software is often free or less expensive and ideal for testing the functionality of the software design system.


If significant industry players are already using the sprinkler system design software that you’re eyeing, then that’s a positive sign, and you may be making the right choice. You can also choose to buy software that companies operating within your niche have already used. But you have to visit such companies and talk to their pros to get detailed software product reviews and testimonials. This move will help you, whether you’re about to make the right choice.


Software options aren’t static. The software you choose can be updated to conform to new industry standards or integrate new design features. Your software needs to be agile to fit your changing needs. As such, you should choose software developers and vendors who are dedicated to innovative change research. You should thus get the latest software updates. You should also check for new software innovations and changes, which can help you create better sprinkler system layout examples.

Exit strategy

The software market will always have new sprinkler system design software updates and programs. As such, you should have a clear exit strategy in case you outgrow your current solution or if you get a better software solution than your current one. You should avoid vendor lock-in because it may diminish your level of competitiveness or speed in design.


Price is the least important factor when considering how well a specific software may serve you as a fire sprinkler system designer. But it’s also essential when making choices, especially; when considering cost versus benefits.

Statistical data from the American National Fire Protection Association shows that 499,000 structure fires occurred in 2017. This figure was 4.9% (475,500) higher than the number of structure fires, which occurred in 2016. Such fire accidents can wreak havoc and cause serious injuries, death, and property damage.

There is a need to design robust fire suppression systems with proper sprinkler system layout examples to stop these problems. For this to happen, you’ll need to get a working and appropriate fire sprinkler system design software. The software should be agile, affordable, credible, functional, compatible, and friendly to users.

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