How Large Businesses Can Cut Costs With VoIP Technology

Utilize voip from end to end

Most businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money. Saving money can increase the profits of a company, allowing them to reinvest more money into the success of the business. A commonly overlooked cost for many businesses is their communication methods. For as long as we can remember, people can primarily communicate over phone. This involves some type of a landline or mobile device that you pay for monthly. The costs of this phone service can get pricey, especially if you are limited to the amount of call you are allowed to make. If you go over that, you will pay premium prices for your phone communications. Fortunately, there are technology based phone solutions for companies.

Cloud technology is a more advanced mode of communication. It provides businesses with a more modern way to communicate. The base of the communication takes place over the internet and cloud technology, translating to bigger phone savings for many businesses. In fact, 82% of companies reportedly saved money by moving to the cloud. It is actually a win win situation for large volume businesses, as the quality of the cloud technology can actually improve the communication systems, and yet, they save money at each location that is switched to the advanced hosted telephone technologies.

There are a few ways that cloud technology works to save money for the business. In a traditional phone call, approximately 50% of a voice conversation is silence. VoIP fills the empty silence spaces with data so that the bandwidth in data communication channels is not wasted. It is a unique design pattern that allows the communication methods to transfer multiple sources of information at once. This translated into high cost savings for the consumer. This is why many businesses have chosen to switch to a local business phone partner that provides cloud technology services.

In fact, in an article by Forbes, a study of over ten thousand companies revealed that 71% of internet leads are wasted due to the extended response time. It was discovered that it takes close to two days on average for a return call to be made and that representatives only try calling 1.3 times. All of these wasted call times lead to increased phone usage and increased phone prices. With cloud technology, however, the wasted phone times is not all that wasted. The technology allows other sources of information to be transferred at the same time. Wasted phone calls are no longer as expensive.

The installation of cloud hosted VoIP systems is a relatively simple process. The business will start their cloud technology conversion by first consulting with a cloud technology professional. During the business phone system consultation, the professional will evaluate the current sources of communication. They will test things such as how much wasted time is used during phone conversations. Upon investigating these modes of communication, the professional will provide an analysis of how much cloud technology is likely to save the business. If the business owner chooses to go with cloud technology, the installation process will begin. The installation process is quick and all of the phone systems will be transferred to cloud technology in no time.

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and save money. An often overlooked expense is that of phone communication. Phones are seen as a necessity, so most business owners do not make much of an effort to look at cost saving options. However, changing your phone systems to a cloud based technology can actually cut costs. The system saves money by improving the phone model. Most conversations include a lot of wasted time, with pauses and breaks in communication. Many phone calls are unanswered, taking up a lot of wasted space. This wasted space is still charged, contributing to high phone bills. Cloud technology works differently, utilizing this wasted space by also transferring data and other information across the same lines. This unique pattern of phone communication can be very beneficial for larger companies, who can save a significant amount per each phone line.

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