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In just the last 6 months, there has been an increase of 80 percent for email opens on tablets and smartphones. As the methods of online marketing evolve, your ability to attract new prospects and customers has to adapt as well. The elements of a good sales strategy go beyond generating site traffic. In fact your sales can be influenced by quality imagery, better keywords, and more consistent email marketing. Fortunately you can plan how to promote your business with some basic guidance.

Since online traffic can make or break your business, it is important to map out various strategies for marketing your company. Before you hire an SEO company or marketing agency, you will want to baseline all of the ways that you are attracting customers. Oftentimes, when it comes down to how to promote your business you will need to use more than one strategy, but in documenting your current efforts you can discover which is most effective. Search definitely dominates online marketing, but you will need to adopt other methods like email marketing and pay per click advertising to increase awareness.

Any business marketing program needs to increase their traffic and conversions as part of their business building strategy. To find the most efficient ways to do this, you should test various campaigns and programs to find the greatest return. Sometimes, even when your web traffic is fairly substantial, there are barriers to conversions. You can use website design agencies for their expertise on building more usable sites that can boost your conversions. For example, if you are selling something directly on your site, but the shopping cart experience is difficult to complete, you could be losing active customers in the middle of their purchase. Fortunately, user testing can accurately diagnose any missed opportunities with the site design.

While customers of different businesses may respond to these strategies differently, you should test a number of them to find your sweet spot. The best marketing programs for one business may not even move the needle for another industry. When looking at how to promote your business, it helps to audit your existing marketing mix to streamline the campaigns that provide positive returns.

Find what works in your current business efforts and see how you can increase the effectiveness. Then, once you have dialed in the best of your current activities, see how you can adapt it to another method or campaign. Blog posts and email messages that are part of your marketing campaign can be incorporated into other methods of marketing, such as creating social media posts or as part of your SEO efforts. By looking at how to promote your business with an SEO marketing agency, you can refine the different messages and channels that you are using to capture those potential visitors. For more about this, go here.

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