How To Stop Employee Retention Problems At Your Company

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Job retention rates are concerning for many companies all across the United States, as more and more people are leaving jobs as soon as the next one comes along. Though millennials have often been referred to as the job hopping generation (meaning that more than half of all millennials said that they are likely to leave a job as soon as a better, higher paying one comes along), but it’s important to note that there are number of reasons why job retention rates are low. But there is no doubting that it’s a problem – more than two and half million workers had left their jobs in 2015, marking a twenty five percent increase in employee loss rates when compared the rates in 2013.

There are a number of reasons that poor job retention rates are seen in companies all across the United States. One reason is that workers and employees in all different fields do not feel particularly motivated by their work. In fact, less than thirty percent of all employees said that they felt they were motivated by their boss, supervisor, or higher ups in the way that they wanted and expected to be. Some issues with job retention, that can often be avoided through the utilization of a career placement agency, are simply because the wrong people are hired for the job.

A career placement agency and strategic human resources consultants can be hugely impactful in these situations, as a career placement agency can act as the go between between potential job candidates the company or place of business that is hiring. A career placement agency is much more likely to send through only those candidates that they believe would be a good fit for the position that is open and available, taking some of the guess work out of hiring a new candidate.

A job placement agency can also be instrumental in encouraging diverse hires in any workplace. Though we have long known that diversity is important not only in the workplace but in society on a whole, the positive impacts of diversity in a workplace are less well known. But the positive impacts of diversity are considerable. For instance, companies that are considered to be gender diverse, meaning that a wide variety of both women and men are hired, outperform companies that are not gender diverse by as much as fifteen percent. And companies that are ethnically diverse do even better, outperforming the competition by more than twenty percent. These workers are more likely to be engaged and comfortable in their work environments, as well as bringing a variety of skills and backgrounds to a company or place of business.

Job retention is a problem for many industries all over the United States, but there are steps that can be taken to solve this problem, at least in part. For instance, hiring the right candidate, the one who is best suited for the job, is crucial. A career placement agency can be instrumental in the success of new hires, and can help to keep candidates who are unlikely to be successful from advancing too far in the interview process. Increasing the diversity of candidates is another way that a career placement agency can help to ensure the success of the company that it has been hired by. After all, diversity has been shown to have an overwhelmingly positive impact on workplace productivity and success, increasing performance rates by as much as twenty five percent.

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