Increasing Your Web Traffic the Easy Way!

If you are just starting out with your website domain, it can be discouraging when you aren’t seeing the exposure you are looking for. It is completely possible that your website is colorful, intriguing, and educational, but just isn’t meeting the seo mark that it needs in order to thrive. ” Site traffic” refers to how many users visit your webpage, and more importantly how long they stay. Your goal as a designer should be increasing your site traffic, but how does one go about this? Well, this video gives us 10 fast and easy ways to grow your site traffic.

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First of all, it is crucial that you include LSI keywords in your content. If you have content that you are really proud of, go back and share it with your circles on LinkedIn. If you have many connections on the popular social media platform, then sharing your site’s link is sure to bring in some site traffic. Additionally, don’t be afraid to post your work on Twitter. Some people even tweet their posts 6 times over a period of time to get the most exposure, so feel free to spread your work as far as you can.


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