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Perhaps your career hasn’t been taking off the way you wanted it to. Maybe you finished high school, some college, or maybe even completed college but you’re still having trouble finding the job you believe you were destined for. There are many reasons why applicants aren’t getting the jobs they were hoping for.

The Problem With Workers

The top executive recruiting firms know that the way careers are kept over the years is forever changing. It isn’t because the new generation is lazy, either, but because of various changing trends. In fact, in many cases, a failed skills match is the reason why people are not hired – not performance issues on behalf of the potential employee. Workers are voluntarily leaving their jobs in excess as well. Perhaps they believed that the job consisted of many different aspects but didn’t live up to their promises. Either way, 2.7 million workers left their jobs at the end of June 2015, which was an astounding 25% increase from two years before that. A 2016 poll also showed that Millennials are called the “Job Hopping Generation” because 6 in 10 people were open to taking on a new job at any time. Maybe you or someone you know has worked a variety of different jobs over the past year alone, and we are a job placement agency who wants to make a difference in these statistics.

The truth is, companies are failing to treat their workers with the respect they need. Many companies choose to treat workers as if they are replaceable, with constant lay-offs and failure to give raises even when they have become necessary.
In fact, in a recent Gallup poll, it was shown that only 2 out of 10 workers believe that their manager does a good job of encouraging them on the job. This shows you that, unfortunately, it does not always start with the worker. Furthermore, 86% of companies who have employee recognition programs say that their workers are happier!

As one of the top executive recruiting firms, we can help make a difference in the way you see jobs. We want you to enjoy your work and feel happy in your position through our outplacement service.

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