What Do PCB Manufacturing Companies Do and Why Are They so Important?

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There are many things that make the world go ’round, both literally and metaphorically. In the literal sense, the difference in the Earth’s polar magnetic fields and a number of other factors cause it to gracefully rotate on its axis. However in the metaphorical or proverbial sense, electronics continue to make the world go ’round and around and around.

Just think; where would the world be without electricity? Better yet, where would the world be without electronics and digital devices such as computers and smart phones? And even better yet, where would the world be without the printed circuit boards (PCB’s) that make the existence of digital devices possible? The world may not end if PCB manufacturing companies ceased to exist, but it would sure stop going “spinning” in a figurative sense.

In the simplest form, printed circuit boards are boards designed to connect electronic components. They are self-contained modules made up of interconnected electronic components and can be found in a number of devices ranging from small to large, basic to complex. With PCB assembly services and manufacturing, communication and a variety of other important everyday tasks would be nearly impossible.

As their name implies, PCB manufacturing companies manage the PCB fabrication and assembly process. There are three main kinds of PCB’s that PCB manufacturing companies create, including single-sided, double-sided, and multilayered. And because of their delicate nature, PCB’s are manufactured in a extremely clean and sterile environment in order to avoid or reduce the risk of contamination.

PCB manufacturing companies use substrate, raw materials such as paper, copper foil, tin-lead, nickel, and a fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin among others to create PCB’s. Those used in common household electronic devices are typically less expensive and are made with paper that has been reinforced with a phenolic resin and bonded copper foil.

Since printed circuit boards first came on the scene way back when in 1936 (yes ? you read that right), they have played an integral role in the advancement of technology. And has electronic devices grow smaller, faster, sleeker, and more powerful, PCB manufacturing companies are more than willing to meet the demand. It’s safe to say that PCB manufacturing will remain a dynamic, high-demand field for years to come.

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