Millions of Phone Users Will Accidentally Crack Their Screens

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The mobile phone market has exploded over the last few years and more and more people are choosing to use smartphones and tablets over desktop computers. The reason for this is easy accessibility and being able to access the web, email, and more while not being tied down to a desktop.

As a result, the phone repair company market has been quickly expanding as more consumers using cell phones equals more problems to resolve with these devices. It is estimated that a phone is damaged every two seconds by U.S. citizens.

Needless to say, that equates to a lot of new customers for phone repair or PC repair services who can assist these customers in getting their phones back to normal. Due to the increased use of mobile devices, a phone repair company is now a viable business but several years ago they were not easily found.

A little more proof that there is a real market for phone repair is the fact that 10% of cell phone customers are walking around right now with a cracked or damaged phone screen. Many of them are unaware that computer repair and phone repair companies are out there that can help resolve these issues without the cell owners having to shell out money for a brand new phone.

If you are one of those people who seldom drops their cell phone, that’s great. But, keep in mind that 3 out of every 10 phone users will damage their phones within the next year. In 2014 alone, over $23 billion dollars was spent on replacing smartphones and many of these people could have sought out the services of a local phone repair company versus buying something new.

However, damage to your phone does not end with a cracked screen. With billions of emails being sent every day, it is inevitable that most of us will get some kind of dangerous virus at some point.

Whether you are dealing with the dreaded cracked screen, or need some kind of virus clean up, do a little research and find a local computer repair service or phone repair business before you waste dollars buying a new phone.

The next time you are having some kind of major phone problem, give you local service company a call and see what they can do to help you out.

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