The Most Common Pitfalls That Keep Average Websites From Being Great

B2b website design

Your website is often your first point of contact. Marketing, of course, is how you reach out to would-be customers and communicate to them what you have to offer. Many times, though, people will stumble upon your services while browsing themselves or through word-of-mouth. To keep things simple…how is your website holding up to the scrutiny? If you haven’t updated your layout in a few months or if you’re just learning what mobile-friendly design means, you need to pick up some B2B website design services. With digital branding the foundation for a modern success story, falling behind just isn’t an option.

First Impressions

You know the old adage — first impressions go a long way. Your website is the key to making your customer feel confident in your brand and what it has to offer their busy life. Studies have shown nearly 47% of people saying their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a website is its design layout. Do away with garish font and cluttered compositions and go for something simple, sleek and professional. B2B website design services have just the key.

Appealing Design

What makes one website look better than the other? This ongoing question sees many beautiful layouts brought to the fold…as well as many ugly and obnoxious ones. First impressions of a website are nearly 95% design-related. Likewise, another 94% of a related survey saw people citing web design as the major reason they either rejected or mistrusted a website. B2B website design services are familiar with the basics and can make sure your first impression avoids common pitfalls on its way to greatness.

Mobile Functionality

Is your website optimized for mobile functionality? You could be losing some serious money otherwise. A lot of business nowadays is conducted on phones and tablets, meaning websites that fail to load or organize properly on mobile devices runs the risk of turning off hundreds, even thousands, of potential customers. Of the nearly 48% of users that try to interact with a business site that isn’t optimized for mobile, the common consensus is that the company simply doesn’t care.

Contact Information

Last, but not least, we have the most important way for your customer to get in contact with you. Up to 45% of visitors will leave outright if a website lacks relevant contact information. This includes e-mails, phone numbers and social media. Your website may be complex and filled with information, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easy to navigate and even easier to operate on-the-go. How can a business to business website design company help you with all this?

Crafting The Ultimate Website

Your website needs to hold strong against the onslaught of high standards, shifting technology and the simple desire to invest in a business that delivers on quality. B2B web design services are able to connect with businesses small and large to help them reach out to their client base. Studies have seen nearly 60% of small and medium-sized business owners intending on investing in an improved website over the next year. Let a B2B marketing agency figure out the holes in your approach and help you transform your brand today.
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