The Latest Technological Advancements in the Safety of Core Drillers

Getting the proper foundation is core to ensuring the resilience of a building. However, drilling presents some challenges. This dangerous job requires efficiency and safety to mitigate any risks for maximum productivity.
Maxi rig drills have new technology that delivers maximum control and rotation speed to drill through rock formations and clay. With smart onboard tech, operators and technicians have better access to information.

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The core drillers run quietly, helping to lower sound levels and eliminating the need for sound barriers. Some models are fitted with engine RPM control making them more fuel-efficient.
Core drillers with self-diagnostic capabilities help with quick and effective problem tracking to minimize downtime. Some core drillers have sensors that transmit telemetry data from the machine to the cloud to maximize data visibility. Data gathered keeps companies of the drilling process, observation of guidelines, and adherence to drilling depths.
The drilling industry is moving to electric energy sources to ensure safer and healthier working conditions. Transitioning from diesel-powered engines, electric core drillers have reduced heat emission, reducing fire risk.
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