Inside the Features of an ADT Alarm System

ADT alarms are the best bet for the most trustworthy security systems. They offer professional monitoring aiding in protection. Here are some features of an ADT system.
The digital panel of an ADT alarm system features an away mode and a stay mode. It effectively prevents accidental sensor activations that lead to false alarms.

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We can also create automation through the digital panel and simplify multiple controls between connected devices.
Another incredible component of the ADT alarm system is the keychain remote. This device looks like a car remote and can arm and disarm the system with on push of a button. It also features a panic button that requests help from the monitoring team.
Motion detectors on the ADT alarm system have been designed to detect motion within a 40 feet radius. It doesn’t see pets and any attempt to tamper with it sends alerts to the digital panel and control app.
Contact sensors for doors, windows, and frames around them send notifications when they are opened or closed.
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