The Technology of Keyless Entry Door Locks

As integration with smart-home devices continues to expand, keyless entry door locks are becoming more and more common. The technology behind keyless entry door locks is broken down and explained in this video.

How keyless entry systems perform their functions- Keyless access control locks eliminate the need for a physical key to gain access to a building. To verify a user’s identity, most systems require electronic or magnetic door locking mechanisms, proximity card readers or sensors, and an approved authorization.

Installations of a door lock with a keyless entry system- A keyless entry door lock installation is more intricate than a standard deadbolt installation because it requires batteries and an electronic connection between the two halves.

In most cases, you will need to run a small cable from one side of the door to the other and plug it into a port on the lock to power it up.

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It will be easier if you follow the instructions that come with your keyless entry door lock installation manual.

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