What to Consider When Selecting a Data Center Site

Constructing a data center is an investment that has significant monetary requirements, considering the equipment and labor needed. Langfang, China, is the largest data center globally, sitting on 6.3 million square feet, almost equal in size to the Pentagon. Being sensitive to your digital business’s needs and those of the immediate community is vital when selecting a data center construction site. It might be overwhelming to choose an ideal spot for your data center, and that is why you should consider the following factors:

The Area’s Climate

Climate has changed drastically over the years. Data centers are affected by climate like any other buildings. If you select a location with regular hurricanes and storms, your data center will most probably experience frequent blackouts. This means you will have to opt for backup generators to keep the facility running. Extreme weather conditions may also affect critical employees’ attendance at their duties.

The Human Skills Available

It is always recommended to have the right personnel working at your data center. The needs and uses of your facility are crucial determinants of the kind of skills required. Some of the essential skills needed in a data center may range from operations management, hardware maintenance, network administration, facility management, and system administration. As you select the location, ensure, too, that you can locally procure the necessary data center construction service.

Seismic Activity

North America, specifically Missouri and South Carolina, is highly prone to seismic activity. When seismic activity occurs, the ground is shaken vigorously, and this could have detrimental effects. These effects could include destroying roads and bridges, destroying buildings, power loss, and rupturing water lines. When selecting the location for your data center, it is advisable to conduct a detailed analysis and develop appropriate strategies.


Moving large and heavy-duty equipment is inevitable when constructing a data center. Therefore, as you pick a site for your new facility, you need to consider the nearby road’s condition as it can affect the transportation for such equipment. The facility’s proximity to airports and railway lines is also an essential factor. Before settling for a particular construction location, you need to ensure that people can be evacuated safely in case of a calamity.

When you decide to construct a data center, you probably already have the required funds. The above four factors are the key to finding an ideal location for your data center and getting the right data center construction service. If you feel it might be hard for you, please contact LDP Associates, who provide mission-critical support solutions, for more details today.

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